Separation/De Facto Relationship Valuations

Valuation reports used for Separation/De Facto Relationship breakdowns are provided for the purposes of Mediation and Family Law.

Registered valuations completed by certified valuers are essential when you’re going through a relationship breakdown to provide the accurate value of your property, and ensure all parties are provided a fair division of the asset pool. All our valuers at Vals NSW are registered with the Australian Property Institute and provide valuation reports accepted by all legal and government entities.

Vals NSW will ensure you will receive an accurate detailed valuation report that starts with an inspection of the property by the valuer, followed by extensive research on the subject property and the surrounding area, to produce a sworn valuation.

There are two different formats available for the purpose of separation/de facto relationship valuations – first, the mediation report or the short form report is our standard report. It is a legal document and is around 13-15 pages. Second, the family law or the long form report, is our extended format, which is the only format accepted in a court of law for use in litigation and is more than 23 pages, be sure to get clear instruction from your solicitor to know which report to order when you call.

Why choose our company?

  • Independent
  • Certified
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We can have a local registered valuer out to inspect your property as early as the next business day and the turnaround time for a Separation valuation report is 2-3 business days for a residential property and 4-5 business days for a commercial property.

To receive a free quote or to book in your valuation, call us now on (02) 8599 9899 or fill in the Online Enquiry Form. One of our friendly team are always happy to provide further information or answer any queries to assist you.