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Valuation received in good order! Thank you so much, all of you. The results are brilliant and fantastically comprehensive. All best and thanks again

Mrs Tanya Ferguson Pyrmont, NSW


  • Valuations NSW is a busy practice but it never compromises its guiding philosophy – INTEGRITY
  • Every member of the Valuations NSW’s team works hard and strives to give the same detailed attention to the service the practice provides - whether undertaken for a multi-national corporation or a private client
  • Our valuations are backed by a comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for your peace of mind
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Family Law Court of NSW Valuations

Whether one likes it or not, there are hundreds of property related disputes that are between family members. In fact whenever one looks at the list of pending cases in Family Law Courts, it is likely that a major portion of them would pertain to disputes in sharing of properties.

Having been in this business for many years and having gather enough experience we certainly would be in a position to say that valuation of properties that are under the purview of Family Law Courts are quite difficult and highly sensitive.

Nonetheless, we have been able to successfully handle hundreds of such Family Law Court valuations in Sydney and surrounding areas. There are many reasons attributable to our success and a few of them are mentioned below:

• We are perhaps one of the few government registered and approved valuation companies that can handle any Family Law Court related valuations. It could be valuations pertaining to divorce, separation or related party disputes which do not strictly fall under the ambit of “arms length property transfers” just to name a few.
• Since there is a lot of sensitivity involved in such valuations we take utmost care to be sure that such reports are kept confidential and are shared only with those who need to see it from the point of view of law.
• We also chip in with our government approved reports which at times are also taken as very usual and legally enforceable evidences.
• We understand that the rules governing valuations that fall under the purview of Family Law Court are quite a few.
• We possess the experience, expertise and wherewithal to have the latest updates on changes to such laws that may happen time to time.

In view of the foregoing, it certainly makes a lot of sense to at least take information from us for any valuation related matters.

At Valuations NSW we offer the best valuation services at most competitive rates. Call us today and get an absolutely free estimate for property and you will yourself see the difference in the prices.

You can call us on (02) 8599 9899 or send us an email with the details of your property. Our valuers will examine and analyse the details and get back to you with the lowest quotes ever!

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Very Helpful!

Dealing with Vals NSW was stress free and reliable! I am extremely happy with the valuation outcome, it was accurate and very detailed!

Oct 06, 2013  Romi Ryan

Highly Recommend

Thank you for providing my valuation in such a quick turnaround time! If that isn’t service, I don’t know what is! I will be using your services again in the near future!

Oct 06, 2013  Brian Vallance

Very Professional

Such great service and a very professional team! The valuer knew my suburb very well and his great knowledge showed in the valuation report we received! Thank you again!

Oct 06, 2013  Cedric Strickland

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