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Property Settlement Valuations

Vals NSW is the leading valuation firm for all of your valuation requirements. We provide certified property settlement valuations completed by registered valuers throughout Sydney and greater NSW. We have a great reputation in the valuation industry due to our extensive knowledge and experience.

Property Settlement valuations are used during mediations to resolve a dispute between parties to agree on the value of a property and work out the division of assets. Our valuers understand the sensitive nature of these valuation requirements and will always act with integrity and transparency to provide a fair assessment of the value of the property.

Property settlement valuations are completed for parties who have dual ownership of a property, shares in a company, relationship breakdowns or parties involved in a deceased estate.

Vals NSW can attribute our success to our commitment to:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Remaining independent and acting with no conflict of interest
  • Providing accurate, comprehensive valuation reports
  • All our valuers are registered with the API with minimum 20 years’ experience
  • All reports are sworn valuations

All our valuers are registered with the Australian Property Institute and we have a valuer local to each area of NSW. This means your settlement valuation report will be conducted by an expert in the market and it’s trends not just on a national or state level but right down to your suburb and it’s key pockets.

We can have one of our senior valuers local to your area out to inspect your property as early as the following business day and our turnaround times for residential reports are 1-2 business days and for commercial reports can take up to 4 business days.

To receive a free quote or to book in your property settlement valuation, call us today on (02) 8599 9899 or fill in the Online Enquiry Form. One of our friendly team is always happy to provide further information or answer any queries you may have.

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