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Compensation Valuations

Vals NSW provides accurate compensation valuations throughout the Sydney metropolitan region and rural areas of NSW. Vals NSW is Sydney’s leading valuation firm providing you with accurate compensation valuations you can rely on.

What exactly are compensation valuations are why is it important to receive a valuation report? Compensation Valuations are needed to provide an owner of a premises the accurate figure of compensation they are owed for reasons such as:

  • Incorrect boundaries on land
  • Acquisition of a property
  • Acquisition of a portion of a property
  • Infrastructure on land e.g. power lines tower
  • Obstruction of outlook or use of a property
  • Expansion of roads and infrastructure

Vals NSW provide detailed compensation valuations which will ensure you are receiving the correct amount of compensation owed to you or a third party. Our valuers will take into consideration the effect of damages and how they decrease the value of your property. We use two approaches, a before and after approach or the pro-rata approach, which will determine the decrease in value and work out the compensation figure.

The benefit of a certified compensation valuation report is that all parties feel secure in the knowledge that the matter is being treated fairly as the opinion of value is from an unbiased third party. We always suggest to our clients that all parties instruct to have their own certified valuation completed in any legal matter, ensuring the best outcome for everyone.

All our valuers are certified under API and have over 20 years of experience in completing valuations in the Sydney market. We provide compensation valuation reports which are accepted by councils, governments and legal settings, such as court or mediation.

The turnaround time for a compensation valuation is 4-5 business days from inspection, and we can have a valuer out to inspect in 1-2 days.

To receive a free quote or to book in your compensation valuation, call us now on (02) 8599 9899 or fill in the Online Enquiry Form. One of our friendly team are always happy to provide further information or answer any queries to assist you.

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