Property survey, its advantages, and types

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Gone are the days when people consider the Property Survey as an expense, but nowadays they are understanding the importance of the property valuation as it is an investment which helps you to make the informed decision.

As buying a home is not an easy task and it involves a huge amount of money so it becomes imperative to think twice and take the experts suggestion while making the final decision.

What is a property survey?
In the property, survey valuer inspects the property to find it’s value. Property survey often requested before purchasing the property as it ascertains the property condition and reveals the issues or weaknesses a property holds which helps the buyers to get value for money.

Advantages of Property Survey -
If on inspection buyer got to know the property possesses some weaknesses like old electric wiring, broken tiles of wash area, old untidy carpet or property needs amendments then the buyer can ask the seller to fix the problem or else reduce the home price.

For property survey hire registered Property valuer -
Qualified Property valuers are the right choice for a Property survey. They know all ins and outs of the property market and their expertise helps to find the right value of the property.

There are various types of a survey which helps you to know the condition and worth of the property. Here we have listed some -

Property Valuation report - This is the most common valuation among all. It is used by the money lender to find out the property value and to know the complete detailed information of the property like renovations made and significant defects and improvements that are essential.
Surveyor will check or inspect the whole property minutely to find the faults.

After this, they prepare the property valuation report which contains the complete information of the property.

Structural Survey report - This kind of survey performed on the demand of the buyers who need through inspecting of the property from a structural point of view. The property valuer checks who many times renovation, improvement building structure needs. Valuer detects the defects in the structure of the property. It becomes imperative when the buyer is buying the old property. The structural survey tends to spread very quickly and harmfully as property valuer may need to check the expose the hidden flaws in the building’s structure.

Homebuyers Survey - The home buyers valuation is in-depth and more detailed valuation than any other valuation or survey process that is the reason homebuyer surveys are more costlier than others. In the valuation process, the property valuer inspects the property and to find the faults and the reason or main cause of it. Homebuyer survey involves a contract between buyer and surveyor in which buyer can sue the property valuer of mistake.

The fees of the valuation depend upon the type and size of the property and the details in the valuation report demanded by the client.

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