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Is there any best time to buy a home?

Time possess endless power. Time can make you or break you. This simply implies in the real estate world as timing is everything when you are buying a house or any property. The right deal at right time can make

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Challenges faced by the property valuers in the real estate property market

Transaction in real estate property market is the biggest challenge in the front of the property valuers rather than rising dwelling values. However, to be a successful property valuer or real estate agent one has to accept and embrace the

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Know what auction clearance rate of the Sydney indicating

As per the current report, the Sydney auction clearance rates found to be stuck at 50 percent. As viable sellers or vendors are not putting their properties on the list. Last week the Sydney housing market recorded a 56 percent

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A perfect guide for the first time home buyers – Part 1

Having a house is a big dream for many. As finding a home that suits your pocket and fulfills your desire is a rare combination for many. It becomes a daunting task for many people, as complexities are more. So

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These Sydney suburbs property prices are soaring

Prices in the Sydney suburbs is soaring high even when the sales price in the rest of the city is going down. In the year 2017 Sydney house prices started falling. According to survey and the property valuer Sydney says

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Methods used by property valuers for commercial property valuation

Property valuation for the commercial properties is the vital move in making commercial property decisions and transactions. In this post, we will reveal the methods used by the commercial property valuers to evaluate the property value. When and how a

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Know what is the difference between property valuer and real estate agent’s role

There is the biggest misconception in minds of the people that property valuer and real estate agents are the same people and they do the same work. Please take a pause because they are complete people with different jobs associated

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Know what’s the value of your house now.

Interested in knowing the value of your house, is a good step. Basically being an independent house owner you should be aware of what’s the house value, you possess. It can benefit you in many ways – If you want

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How to make valuation of property

In this era of competition and progress the valuation of the property is a needed. Property valuation helps an organization, an individual or a customer know the worth of the property or asset. The fair price of a land, factory,

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House worth: How to find it ?

If you want to take the advantage of your property’s increased value to make the profit then right valuation is needed. The benefits of knowing the property value are tremendous. As per your property value you can take loans by