How to make valuation of property

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In this era of competition and progress the valuation of the property is a needed. Property valuation helps an organization, an individual or a customer know the worth of the property or asset. The fair price of a land, factory, or a building can be estimated through the valuation of a property. Property valuation includes everything like the estimation of a brand, copyright, intellectual property related rights, goodwill and company performance related to marketing and promotions in short it provides the 360 point of view i.e legal point, economical point and structural point of view.

There are various multiple reasons why a property is being valued. Some of them are mentioned below -

  1. For buying and selling of the property.
  2. To mortgage a property.
  3. For taxation purpose.
  4. For transfer of property.
  5. Compulsory acquisition.

Property valuation helps an organization or an individual to know the worth of the property. The fair price of a building, land, factory can be estimated through the valuation of a property.

How to find the home value? There are the several ways of property valuation.

The answer to this question can be many -

  1. You can use online valuation tools.
  2. Get to know from brokers and competitive market analysis.
  3. You can use home or property price index calculator.
  4. Hire a professional appraiser.
  5. Comparative market analysis.
  6. AVM’s - Automated Valuation Models.
  7. and more.

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Remember property or house valuation is a tedious task. The first thing is it is not at all constant and secondly there are certain factors that will increase or decrease the value of the property.

It is vital to know that a property valuation has directly nothing to do with the money you had invested in property, the amount you paid to have the property,the money you have spent on renovations and the price you would like it to sell for. Property’s worth simply depends upon at what cost the buyer and seller makes the deal.

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