Know what is the difference between property valuer and real estate agent’s role

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There is the biggest misconception in minds of the people that property valuer and real estate agents are the same people and they do the same work. Please take a pause because they are complete people with different jobs associated with the real estate world.

Property valuer roles and responsibilities -

Property valuation is the performed by the property valuer is a professional who estimates the right market value of the property. The property valuer can assess the various property objects like land, different types of property, equipment and more. Valuers are specialized in a specific type of valuation in which they have deep knowledge and vast experience.

To become a property valuer expert one should have an educational degree & certified practising property valuer accreditation with refined market knowledge of the area. Property valuers are responsible to provide the accurate value of the property as they are the qualified professionals with analytical skills and appropriate market knowledge. They provide the property valuation report which is the theoretical collection of all the evidence and data that is related to the house or property. The report given by the property valuer is considered as authentic and reliable and used as proof by the government and courts to solve the issues related to the property.

The property valuers charge the fees for their property valuation services. The valuation process takes 4-5 days or a week to estimate the property value. Moreover, it depends on the size and type of the property.

Also, the property value changes after six months if we talk about the normal market condition. So it is advisable to go for property valuation services in every six months or one year.

Real estate agent roles and responsibilities -

Real estate agents give the property appraisal. They are not the qualified individuals. They predict the house value on the basis of their industry experience and previous sales record. The property appraisal figures disclosed by the real estate agent is not definitive, authentic and have no legal stand.

Usually, they don’t charge any fee for this service. Just on a polite request from potential vendors, they find the appraisal value of the property.

When you are planning to sell your home and then you can ask the real estate agent to indicate what your property is likely to sell for. As they know the local market trend and condition very minutely. The agents have idea about the particular area only, it is not necessary they can predict the value of the property at some other place because the local market condition varies.

This all about the difference between property valuer and real estate agent works.

However, the real estate agents cannot take place of property valuer. Valuers are more authentic, qualified and reliable.

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