A perfect guide for the first time home buyers – Part 1

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Having a house is a big dream for many. As finding a home that suits your pocket and fulfills your desire is a rare combination for many. It becomes a daunting task for many people, as complexities are more. So the chances of error increases. Though one should take the advice from property valuer Sydney as they are the experts of the real estate property market. Because for the first home buyers the real estate property is all new and they don’t have much idea about the industry. As they are going to buy the biggest asset of their life i.e home they are more excited. So the chances mistakes are more.

The Sydney property valuers suggested - “The first home buyers need to think about the property carefully and how to get rid of buying property stumbling blocks.”

Here are the tips for first home buyers to make their buying decision easy and joyful -

1. Proper Research - The good home buyer first understands the actual need of their family. Location is the first thing while buying a home. If the school going children are in the family then it is good to get your home near a reputed school. Which saves your children’s time. If you have your oldies in your home then it is good to have a home near the hospital and oldies club which makes commuting easy for them.

Living in a crime zone is not safe for your family. Also, the location can increase or decrease the cost of the property. The prime location cost more than the property on the outskirts.

2. Analyse property - As per property valuer -”The wise buyer will check the funds and understands the loan and mortgage policies well”. Location, neighbourhood, surrounding all these things matter a lot while buying a home. This can make or break your reputation too.

Transport facilities, shopping centers, parks from your new home are also important. One should check these facilities first and then make the decision of buying a new home. Because not all areas of the city are the ideal spots to live. Choose the one which fits in your requirement.

3. Look for some options - If you like a house very much and finding it a little costlier. Then getting emotional about it, is not a good idea. Remember you can find the right property at the right price. Don’t pay more just to satisfy your emotions. And never disclose your emotions in front of the seller. They can put you in the emotional trap and make you buy the property more than its actual worth.

Better to look for more options compare then and then analyse which one is best for you. If you are a first home buyer, keep your emotions in control.

4. Impact of the market on the property - Yes, the market conditions and trends put a great impact on the property value. But it is not at all advisable to wait for the prices to go down and then buy a property. If you have your own budget, finance organised, property selected which suits your needs then better to go and get the property.

According to the property valuers - “The market condition is the dynamic factor which changes frequently. So don’t think much about the market condition when you have a good home to buy. “

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