Mortgage Security Valuations

Although Vals NSW does not carry out property valuation reports for finance purposes, we believe our clients should be informed in all areas of property valuation and we take pride in giving reliable general advice.

Mortgage Security Valuations are undertaken to provide a current market value of a property to a bank or financial institution for security against a loan or mortgage. In most circumstances you will need a mortgage security valuation when purchasing a property or refinancing. Your lender will conduct mortgage security valuations on residential, commercial and industrial, and development properties throughout the Sydney metropolitan and rural areas of NSW with a valuer who from their accredited panel.

Your valuation report will entail a description of the property, the condition of the property, definition of market value, interest valued, compliance statements, detailed information that has been provided on which the valuer may rely on such as tenancy/lease details and plans etc. and compares the properties with other similar, recently sold properties in the area. In the case of income producing properties, such as commercial and industrial, the valuer will also assess based on the capitalisation of net income approach, to further determine the correct fair market value for the property.

It is important to note that bank valuers are notoriously conservative as they are working in favour of the bank’s interest. That is the main difference between a bank valuer and us, Vals NSW are a completely independent firm so a valuation report from us can be relied give a fair market value for a property as we have no conflict of interest.

Vals NSW are Sydney’s largest valuation firm. We comply with the Australian Property Institute’s guidelines providing accurate, comprehensive valuation reports. When booking a valuation report with us, you can expect one of our local API valuers out to inspect your property within 1 – 2 business days and your certified valuation report ready for release within 1 – 2 business days after the inspection.

We practice the highest level of customer service and produce accurate valuation reports that can be relied upon for any purpose, excluding mortgage security. To speak to one of our friendly staff members about your situation, fill out the Online Enquiry Form or call us on (02) 8599 9899.

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