Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Valuations

Buying and selling a property could a regular habit for many. On the other hand it could be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for some others. Whatever may be the reason, valuation of properties and other assets certainly has a big role to play.

We understand it better than any others because we are one of the most reputed and leading valuers Sydney. Apart from having rich and varied experience in the field of valuations, we have grown this far because of our unflinching commitment to customer excellence and delight.

Now coming to the need for pre-sale and pre-purchase valuations, there are quite a few reasons for the same.

• Whenever you plan to buy or sell a property you would certainly like to know what the actual value of the property is.
• Not only property, even for other assets both buyers and sellers are keen to know more about the pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations of the same.
• However, valuation of properties should be done in a professional and correct manner and that is what we are famous for.
• This is because we have the required infrastructure and other such things that could help us in serving our customers better.
• We have separate teams handling different types of valuations. In case of pre-sale and pre-purchase valuations too we have a completely separate set up.
• In fact there could be many situations where because of regulatory reporting, such valuation reports could become extremely important.
• We are a registered valuer and that goes a long way in setting us apart from the crowd so to say.
• All our valuations are done with extreme care and there have never been instances where our valuation reports have come under scrutiny.

Come to meet us today to avail the service or call one of our property consultant executive to meet you. You can call us at (02) 8599 9899 and get your instant and free quote today.

Also, Contact Us with the details of your property and we will come up with the unbeatable quotes.

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Very Helpful!

Dealing with Vals NSW was stress free and reliable! I am extremely happy with the valuation outcome, it was accurate and very detailed!

Oct 06, 2013  Romi Ryan

Highly Recommend

Thank you for providing my valuation in such a quick turnaround time! If that isn’t service, I don’t know what is! I will be using your services again in the near future!

Oct 06, 2013  Brian Vallance

Very Professional

Such great service and a very professional team! The valuer knew my suburb very well and his great knowledge showed in the valuation report we received! Thank you again!

Oct 06, 2013  Cedric Strickland

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